Top 4 Quick and Easy RV Upgrades

RV Interior | Baird, TX

Are you looking for easy RV upgrades? Check out these cool accessories you can add to your mobile home that will enhance your RV experience in just a matter of minutes.

Decorative baskets

Adding a few baskets is a good way to spruce up the interior. You can use them as item holders (preferably to hide unsightly objects) or as part of decoration. They’re versatile and incredibly cheap, especially at thrift stores.

Shower drain catcher

RV sewage systems are more sensitive than residential plumbing. Shower drain catchers not only help you avoid standing in a foot-deep puddle of water whenever you shower but also protect your drain from clogs. A must-have if anyone using your RV has long hair!

Clothes footlocker

Storage space can be limited in any RV, especially if you have a large family. Footlockers can help you organize your belongings as well as maximize interior space. And it’s easy to find decorative ones that you won’t mind leaving out in plain sight or even using as footstools.

LED lights

Not every part of your RV may be evenly lit, like the inside of the pantry or closets. LED lights offer an affordable and energy-efficient means to enhance your interior lighting setup. As a bonus, they’re available in many available sizes and colors.

You don’t have to drop big bucks to make valuable upgrades to your RV. Still, it helps to buy an RV that already comes with lots of cool equipment, and even better if those RVs are affordable too. Find one with the perfect floorplan at Hanner RV Supercenter in Baird, Texas!