Top RV Shows You Should Watch

Top RV Shows You Should Watch | Hanner RV Supercenter | Baird, TX

Just because it’s not camping season doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the RV life, at least vicariously. One of our favorite things to do when not spending time in an RV is to watch an RV TV show. There are many great ones out there, so here are just a few of the top RV shows we think are definitely worth your time.

V Nation

If you want to learn about some of the most interesting RVs out there, watch RV Nation. The show focuses on the design and construction of the world’s most intricate and unique RVs — often those made for celebrities.

Going RV

This is a show about couples that have decided to trade in their current RV for a new one, or those who are choosing to give up traditional homes for a set of wheels. It’s a good watch to discover the lifestyle as well as to get consumer advice on new RVs you may want to buy.

Flippin’ RVs

If you love restoration, this is one of the best shows out there. Justin and Anna Scribner travel around America looking for old RVs they can restore to their former glory. What they manage to do with some of those vintage RVs will take your breath away.

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Fun Outdoor-Themed Family Games to Play While Camping

RV | Baird, TX

One of the greatest parts of going on a camping trip is the opportunity to bond with family and friends. And what better way to spend time together than to play outdoor-themed family games? There are so many good games to choose from, but the following are some of the ones we think deserve special mention.


Fun and easy to learn, Tinderblox is suitable for between 2-6 players from ages six and beyond. It challenges you to “play with fire” using instruction cards and building blocks. The trick? You must place the blocks with tweezers.

PARKS Board Game

This beautifully-illustrated board game is a great way to give the kids a glimpse of America’s beautiful national parks — if you’re not already in one. Travel scenic trails, discover wildlife, and make lasting memories.


With 200 game cards, Camp is as educational as it is entertaining. Full-color photos, family-friendly playing characters, and loads of interesting facts about the outdoors, Camp is among those classic family board games you should bring on every trip.

Outdoor-themed family games are great, but they’re even more enjoyable when played in the right setting. Visit Hanner RV Supercenter in Baird, Texas, to find an RV with all the space and features your family needs!

Are You Ready for Full-Time RV Living?

Full-Time RV Living | Baird, TX

Hundreds of thousands of Americans live in their RV full-time. But before you join the club and go all-in into full-time RV living, ask yourself these questions first.

Can you downsize?

There’s no getting around it: for the vast majority of people, transitioning to a full-time RV life requires downsizing. Are you prepared to sell or give away your belongings? And if not, do you have a plan for storage?

How will you support yourself?

Full-time RV living can be affordable, but it’s not free. Remote work is a great option, but if you’re new to it, you may want to first test if you actually like working on the go. You’ll also need a plan for maintaining consistent internet access.

How will you access medical care?

How comfortable you are with being away from your preferred health provider? If you have specific medical needs, you may want to check that your health insurance has strong coverage for visits to clinics and urgent care centers.

How will you handle legal obligations?

How will you receive and send mail? Even if you live in an RV full-time and move from state to state, you also still need an official state of residence. And you still need to pay for things like taxes, insurance, and vehicle registration.

Becoming a full-time RVer has many perks, but it isn’t without its drawbacks. One way to make it all easier is to have a reliable and spacious RV with lots of modern equipment. Head to Hanner RV Supercenter in Baird, Texas, to find just the one!

Top RV Blogs and Vlogs You Should Follow

Top RV Blogs and Vlogs You Should Follow | Hanner RV Supercenter | West Baird, TX

Whether you’re new to RVing or a veteran camper, the internet full of useful information and fun RV stories. We’ve put together a list of the top RV blogs and vlogs you should follow for tips, stories, travel photos, and more.

Drivin’ and Vibin’

Kyle and Olivia Brady regularly post new articles to Drivin’ and Vibin’ as well as upload useful videos on their YouTube channel. They’re a great resource for all things RV but especially boondocking tips and finding free campsites.

Keep Your Daydream

Keep Your Daydream is all about inspiration. The blog is just part of Marc and Tricia Leach’s passion for RVing. They also have a YouTube channel, podcast, and website, all devoted to the RV lifestyle and motivating you to pursue your dreams.

Mortons on the Move

Mortons on the Move is an amazing resource for RVers. Tom and Cait Morton are full-time RV experts who were featured on The RVers TV show and share weekly comics, lifestyle tips, installation guides, and more on their website.

Hinton The Trail

Hinton The Trail is a great blog for finding great RVing destinations across North America as well as discovering tasty RV cooking recipes. Chris and Suzannah Hinton’s chemistry also makes their YouTube content a joy to watch.

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Top 4 RV Parks and Camping Near Dallas, TX

Top 4 RV Parks | Baird, TX

Texas is one of best states in the country for camping and staying at RV parks. But with so many places to choose from just in the Dallas area, how do you decide where to go? For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of what we think are the top four RV parks and camping spots near Dallas, Texas.

Cedar Hill State Park

Just 25 minutes out from Dallas, Cedar Hill is a beautiful natural area with lots of trails and open land to explore. It’s a top destination for fishing and bird watching, especially as Texas allows you to fish without a license at lakes enclosed in the park.

The Vineyards Campground and Cabin

The 4th of July fireworks show make this a popular park in the summer, but its proximity to Dallas makes it a good year-round destination for new campers who feel anxious about leaving the city.

Willow Grove Park

Willow Grove has a variety of campsites ranging from primitive to RV friendly. You can reserve your RV site online and get a placard prior to arrival, making it a great romantic getaway.

Twin Coves Campground

This campground offers primitive sites, RV sites, and fully furnished cabins for rental. Various outdoor and water activities make it well worth the 30-mile trip from Dallas!

If you’ve settled on the destination but still need the RV, visit RVs of West Texas in Baird! We’ll get you set up with an RV unit that’s ready for the camping season.

Tips for Camping on a Budget

Camping on a Budget | Baird, TX

Camping is an increasingly popular hobby in the United States. It’s perceived as an affordable way to enjoy a vacation in nature, but if you’re towing an RV and bringing kids on the trip, the expenses have a way of sneaking up on you. Use these tips for camping on a budget to save money on your next trip.

Look Into Boondocking

Boondocking is the practice of camping outside designated campgrounds. It’s popular among people who enjoy being off the grid and relying solely on themselves. That means you have to bring your own sources of water and electricity. But once prepared, not having to pay for campground fees can significantly reduce the long-term cost of camping.

Camp in the Off-Season

Summer is the main camping season, but there are perks to going against the grain. In the off-season, tourist location prices are typically much more affordable. And camping in the fall isn’t just cheaper. Between the cooler days and thinner crowds, it might just be the best time to camp, hike, and visit new areas, price notwithstanding.

Consider Whether Camping is the Right Option

If camping is your vessel for visiting national and state parks, consider whether camping is the best option at all. Research local lodging options. They may cost you less than overnight stays at dedicated RV parks, particularly if they have lots of amenities.

One thing is for certain: A good RV goes a long way toward having a good camping experience. Find the right RV for you and your family, at an affordable price, here at Hanner RV Supercenter in Baird, Texas!

4 Top RV Apps for Your Next Road Trip

Helpful RV Apps | Abilene, TX

Many awesome RV apps can enhance your camping trips and help you find better routes. In fact, there are so many that finding the best ones can be overwhelming. For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of the four top RV apps for your next road trip.


InRoute is a GPS app that makes it easier to plan your route by taking into account not just the size of your RV but also the elevation and curviness of the road, ensuring you can avoid white-knuckle drives on your trip. It also checks the weather for you.


One of the perks of an RV is the mobile kitchen. However, you might feel short on recipes — and ingredients. Tasty lets you filter more than 3,000 recipes by ingredients, cuisine, and even the occasion. Finding just the right dish to make it easier than ever.

Pet First Aid

A must-have for pet owners, Pet First Aid is a knowledge base about dogs and cats maintained by the American Red Cross. Its repertoire of simple first aid lessons and how-to videos is invaluable. It also has vet contact details in case of emergencies.


One of the joys of road trips is finding unexpected gems along the way. The Roadtrippers app looks for points of interest on your way and has great filtering capabilities so you can see only the type of things you want. A great app for living in the moment.

Got the apps, but missing the RV? Visit Hanner RV Supercenter in Baird, Texas, to check out our inventory of awesome fifth wheels, travel trailers, and more!

How to Make Your RV Feel More Like Home

RV Interior | Baird, TX

Just because an RV is technically a mobile home unit doesn’t mean it will feel like home right off the bat. Sometimes, it takes that little extra touch to give it the warm vibes and welcome atmosphere truly befitting of a home. Here’s how to do it.

Place an Area Rug

RV floors are sturdy and easy to clean. But nothing gives a space a unique identity like an area rug. Not only does it feel nicer to walk on, but it also separates the areas in your RV so that it doesn’t all feel like one big space with everything in it.

Paint the Walls

There’s no rule that says you have to keep the default wallpaper or paint that your RV comes with. Painting the walls and cabinets, or simply replacing the wallpaper with one that better matches your style, can utterly transform how the interior feels.

Add Color

Most RV interiors are shades of brown. You can add splashes of color in various ways: with throw pillows, blankets, wall décor, photographs, curtains, and more. Not only can they make your RV more vibrant, pillows and blankets are also undeniably cozy and homey.

You may find that many of the RVs at Hanner RV Supercenter already feel very much like home the moment you step inside them. Check out our many units and floor plans in Baird, Texas.

Hiking Tips for Beginners in Baird, TX

Family Hiking | Baird, TX

You have a great camper from Hanner RV — now, it’s time to put it to use. If you’re thinking about hauling down to Big Bend National Park or heading out west to Guadalupe Mountains National Park but you’ve never been hiking, these tips for beginners will help get you off on the right foot.

Bring a friend

One thing you’ll want to avoid is going for a big hike without someone who has experience. Since you have your RV, you should have plenty of space for a friend or family member with a good bit of expertise.

Gear up

Like any other sport or form of exercise, hiking requires unique gear and clothing to keep you prepared for whatever may come. Do some research and invest in a good pair of hiking boots or shoes, base layers, rain-proof gear, and a solid backpack. You also want to make sure you have a reliable water bottle and storage for food and snacks. A good first-aid kit is also key in the event of an injury or accident.

Follow the rules

Hiking comes with a whole set of rules, both spoken and unspoken. REI, one of the leaders in adventure gear, recommends familiarizing yourself with the idea of right of way and leave no trace. The latter is a simple one to remember — don’t leave trash, respect the flora and fauna that live on and around the trail, and keep the experience of other visitors in mind.

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What You Should Ask Before Buying a New Camper

What You Should Ask Before Buying a New Camper | Baird, TX

Are you buying a new camper? Exciting! Before you make a decision, it’s always good to do a little research.  Here are a few questions you should ask before you buy.

Can my current vehicle tow the new camper?

If you’re buying a towable RV, make sure to learn all about its weight ratings, like the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, Gross Combined Weight Rating, Hitch Weight, and Net Carrying Capacity. You want to make sure your tow vehicle can handle it.

Should I get a four-season package?

Four-season packages are great, but they don’t bring a lot of value to campers who typically use their RV during the summer, or who don’t live in extreme weather states. Consider when and where you will camp before spending extra.

What’s the difference between this model and last year’s version?

A new RV doesn’t necessarily have lots of new features. Often, a model may get less than a handful of changes compared to the previous year’s version. If an RV catches your eye, do some research on older model years. You may be able to buy used and get a very similar RV at a significant discount.

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