Fun Outdoor-Themed Family Games to Play While Camping

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One of the greatest parts of going on a camping trip is the opportunity to bond with family and friends. And what better way to spend time together than to play outdoor-themed family games? There are so many good games to choose from, but the following are some of the ones we think deserve special mention.


Fun and easy to learn, Tinderblox is suitable for between 2-6 players from ages six and beyond. It challenges you to “play with fire” using instruction cards and building blocks. The trick? You must place the blocks with tweezers.

PARKS Board Game

This beautifully-illustrated board game is a great way to give the kids a glimpse of America’s beautiful national parks — if you’re not already in one. Travel scenic trails, discover wildlife, and make lasting memories.


With 200 game cards, Camp is as educational as it is entertaining. Full-color photos, family-friendly playing characters, and loads of interesting facts about the outdoors, Camp is among those classic family board games you should bring on every trip.

Outdoor-themed family games are great, but they’re even more enjoyable when played in the right setting. Visit Hanner RV Supercenter in Baird, Texas, to find an RV with all the space and features your family needs!

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