What You Should Ask Before Buying a New Camper

What You Should Ask Before Buying a New Camper | Baird, TX

Are you buying a new camper? Exciting! Before you make a decision, it’s always good to do a little research.  Here are a few questions you should ask before you buy.

Can my current vehicle tow the new camper?

If you’re buying a towable RV, make sure to learn all about its weight ratings, like the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, Gross Combined Weight Rating, Hitch Weight, and Net Carrying Capacity. You want to make sure your tow vehicle can handle it.

Should I get a four-season package?

Four-season packages are great, but they don’t bring a lot of value to campers who typically use their RV during the summer, or who don’t live in extreme weather states. Consider when and where you will camp before spending extra.

What’s the difference between this model and last year’s version?

A new RV doesn’t necessarily have lots of new features. Often, a model may get less than a handful of changes compared to the previous year’s version. If an RV catches your eye, do some research on older model years. You may be able to buy used and get a very similar RV at a significant discount.

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